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Welcome to Predict DNA, World’s Largest Genetics Database. Our Genetic Analysis System offers you the power to unravel the mysteries hidden within your genes, providing a comprehensive analysis of your entire exome in record time!

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34 Main Panels & more than 60 Micro Panels

We offers multiple panels

Predict DNA offers multiple panels from Men’s / Women’s Health to Oncology Panels 34 main pain panels and more than 60 Micro Panels. Hence it requires a diverse set of medical teams to validate and package the details associated most appropriately to serve its large Prescriber community of close to 5000 doctors across 12 countries.

Predict DNA offers such services thru its valuable partner FULL DNA International and Transceptar Global Holdings

1 Men’s Health – Master Gene Check up 18 Fertility female
2 Women’s Health – Master Gene Check up 19 Gastrointestinal
3 Allergies 20 Genetic disorders
4 Autism 21 Gynecology
5 Auto Immune 22 Hair
6 Behavioral 23 Hematology
7 Breast Cancer 24 Inflammation
8 Oncology 25 Microbiome
9 Cardiovascular 26 MTHFR
10 Covid 19 27 Neuro Degenerative
11 Dental 28 Nutrition
12 Diabetes 29 Orthopedic & Rheumatology
13 Endocrine & Metabolism 30 Ophthalmology
14 Facial harmonization 31 Pediatric & Genetic Diseases
15 Fertility male 32 Vitamins, Minerals Et Antioxidants
16 Prostrate 33 Sports
17 Skin 34 Life Hormones
Partnering with FULL DNA International and Transceptar Global Holdings. 

Our offerings

Personalized Medicine / Supplements

As an outcome of the Pharmaco and cosmeto genetics we generate personalized prescriptions for compounding pharmacies through our Al driven Systems.


Both Pharmaco and Cosmeto genetic Results Search engine based on the genetic disposition and Blood Bio markers analysis to support actionable diagnostics by highlighting both the toxicity and efficiency of the available approved drugs to identified conditions of the Patients there by guiding the physicians.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapies & Nutritional Guidance

Focused more on the epigenetic lifestyle / environments towards enabling epigenetic modulations.

Genetic Tests

General / Clinical / Lifestyle / Population Health / Insurance Panels using the maximum number of human genes that can be analyzed across the largest genomic data available in the world.

why so important

Why is Genetic Prediction so important?

People go to the doctor when they are sick, not to learn how not to develop a disease. Diseases may appear unexpectedly.

When one knows his level of susceptibilities to more than 2,500 diseases and conditions, prevention could be made in advance, reducing the chances of developing them or their impact.

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Why You should Choose Us

Predictive genetics solutions.

Preventive precision medicine

Billions of scientific study data

Strong & Accurate Science behind

Over 3,000 doctors and nutritionists

European Union’s GDPR compliant

Full DNA’s Genetic Analysis System provides rapid analysis of the entire exome, showing all genetic mutations and variations a patient has. This comprehensive approach is unmatched in the industry.

Full DNA offers the best prices in the market for its health partners and doctors, providing unmatched value for the services provided.

Full DNA analyzes 26,617 genes, including exons and introns, providing a far more. extensive DNA analysis than most competitors, which often only cover less than 2% of the DNA.

Full DNA boasts a database of nearly 30 million scientific articles and publications, ensuring the most up-to-date and accurate information for genetic analysis. Proprietary Systems: Full DNA’s proprietary systems and software ensure complete data. privacy and protection for patients, adhering to GDPR regulations without relying on third parties.

Full DNA is the only company with a specialized algorithm for calculating risk and pathogenic issues based on population background. This tailored approach delivers the most precise risk analysis for specific populations.

Full DNA’s unique capability to work with strand orientation inversion sets it apart from competitors.

Full DNA is committed to continuous innovation and improvement of its genetic analysis services, staying ahead of the competition and incorporating the latest scientific discoveries into its proprietary algorithms and systems.

Full DNA collaborates with leading scientists, researchers, and medical professionals to ensure that its services are based on the most current and reliable scientific knowledge.

Full DNA’s comprehensive genetic analysis allows doctors to develop personalized treatment plans tailored to each patient’s unique genetic makeup, improving the effectiveness of medical interventions and increasing the likelihood of positive outcomes.

Full DNA’s in-depth risk analysis enables doctors to identify potential health issues before they develop, allowing for preventative measures to be taken and reducing the overall burden on healthcare systems.

Full DNA’s services are available to patients worldwide, providing access to cutting edge genetic analysis and personalized medicine to diverse populations across the globe.

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Accuracy in results with our
AI-based system

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Polymorphisms & Mutations Analysed

0 22

Citations on which 8.4 Million Individual Scientific Publications Monitored Realtime

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we offers such services thru our partners

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Partnering with FULL DNA International and Transceptar Global Holdings. 

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